17 février 2011

The 11 september 2001

Small reminder:

The world remenbers probably this terrible accident which occurred september 11 th,2001, more know on the name of this "September 11 th attack".

Were we remind you that 3 planes were led by Islamist terroristes.

Some of the persons contued the life lither were seriously to hurt.

Among the deaths, and the wounded persones, there were 2 900 persones in plane in the Twin Towers and besides  the policemens and the fire brigades.

Tribute to our rescuers:

Three hours later, approximately 200 units of fire brigades of New York City Fire department were mobilized on the scene where took place the accident. It was the biggest intervention of the history(story) of the fire brigades of New York with one thousand fire brigades mobilized this same day.

Are 343 fire brigades died during the searches in rubble of WTC and the Twin Towers. The fireman to have died was at 9h30 saving a prisonniere person of the flames.

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